Topic outline

  • RPL 10548NAT Skills Assessment

    Graduate Diploma of Aesthetic Orthodontics (Sequential Aligner Therapy)

    • Free Skills Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

      The purpose of this Skills Assessment is to determine your suitability to undertake a formal RPL Assessment. Information provided in this questionnaire will be used to support the RPL application if you choose to proceed. Your answers will allow you to immediately determine whether you are likely to be successful with your application.

      What we are looking for in this Assessment

      Unit 1. Fundamentals of Orthodontics, Facial Aesthetics and Tooth Movement

      Unit 2. Data Collection for SAT (impressions, scans and photography)

      Unit 3. Comprehensive Treatment Planning for SAT

      Unit 4. Creating and Understanding Space in SAT

      Unit 5. Mastering Attachments in SAT

      Unit 6. Trouble Shooting in SAT

      Unit 7. Retention in SAT: theory and practice

      Unit 8. Multi-Discipline treatments and SAT

      If you can clearly substantiate (clinical evidence is paramount here) significant experience and knowledge in these areas, RPL is likely to be gained.

      Once you have completed your Initial Skills Assessment (this form) you can proceed directly to enrol in the RPL pathway or contact us to further discuss your suitability for RPL. There is no cost for the initial skills assessment: however, an enrolment fee and RPL assessment fee will be payable if you choose to proceed with the RPL Application.

      Please note that each case is taken on its’ individual merit and further discussion with an Assessor will clarify further if you are uncertain with submitting an RPL application.

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